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    The Miracles  

    featuring Mark Scott

     "Were it not for the Miracles, there would not be a Stevie Wonder"

    Stevie Wonder

     "Without the Miracles, Motown would not be the Motown that it is today."

    Berry Gordy

     "I used to go to the Motown Revues, and the Miracles always closed the show. They were that good, and everybody knew it."

    Bob Seger

    Producer Quincy Jones called The Miracles  the "Beethoven's of The 20th Century" due to their songwriting talents.

    In a tribute to Motown's first group, Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas stated: "In Liverpool they have a statue of the Beatles. Someplace in Detroit there should be a statue of (Smokey Robinson and) the Miracles." ​

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